Points after 1 races.  Points will be final Dec 1st.


5 of 5 races will count toward Championship. 


A driver who wishes to earn points must become a RODS member. A full membership is $150 per year. A full membership includes a RODS T-Shirt, and will be given a space on the RODS poster. The RODS awards banquet will be held in conjunction with the Albuquerque Dragway Banquet. The banquet will be held in January or February of the next year.

Points will be awarded as follows:


Points will be awarded for qualifying positions:


#1 Qualifier - 8 points

#2 Qualifier - 7 points

 #3 Qualifier - 6 points

#4 Qualifier - 5 points

 #5 Qualifier - 4 points

 #6 Qualifier - 4 points

 #7 Qualifier - 3 points

 #8 Qualifier - 3 points


Non Qualifiers will receive points but will not race in Eliminations

#9 Qualifier - 2 points

#10 Qualifier - 2 points

#11 Qualifier - 2 points

#12 Qualifier - 2 points

#13 Qualifier - 1 points

#14 Qualifier - 1 points

#15 Qualifier - 1 points

#16 Qualifier - 1 point


In addition the quickest cars in each qualifying session will be awarded performance bonus points. (Bonus points will not be given if a qualifying session is not completed)

Low ET of each session 3 points

Second quickest ET 2 points

Third quickest ET 1 point 


any car that is an alternate and is re-instated into the race will receive qualifying points (for where their car qualified, not the position they filled), and will receive round points.  The Alternate will be placed into the qualified position of the broke car.


Points will be given and a race will be considered finished when at least 2 qualifying runs have been completed, whether or not eliminations were run.


Round Points

Winner 100 points

Runner Up 80 points

Semi Final 60 points

Quarter Final 40 points

Eighth Final 20 points (Only if 4 rounds)

10 points will be awarded to all contestants upon completion of tech inspection.

All points will be combined and a champion will be crowned at the end of the season.

The RODS Champion will receive:

- RODS Champion Jacket and 1st place award-

- 1 free night at the hotel hosting the banquet -

- 2 free tickets to the awards banquet -


2nd - 5th place will receive:

- 2nd - 5th place awards -

- 2 free tickets to the awards banquet -

Points System

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