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Entry Fees


All cars must be left hand steer cars and have working doors. Cars and drivers must meet all NHRA guide lines and safety rules that pertain to the speed and ET of their vehicle. All vehicles will be inspected before qualifying starts.


Qualifying runs:  If you have trouble during a qualifiying atttempt, and your front tires did not cross the burnout box, you may push off to the side, get your car fixed and be put back into line at the end of the qualifing line.  If your front tires crossed the burnout box, that is your qualifiying attempt.  If you are randomly pulled to be a first pair in a qualifying run and can not make the call, you will forefeit that qualifying session.  (Weather and track safety are the exceptions to the rule).  If a qualifying seesion is not completed due to weather, no runs from that session will be allowed to count toward qualifying.


Performance Limiting Rules:

Screw Blowers with a "c" Rotor limited to a maximum of 92% overdrive

Screw Blowers with a "d" Rotor limited to a maximum of 110% overdrive

The Director has the right to set other performance limiting rules as he sees necessary


Any car that enters into a R.O.D.S. event will not be allowed to enter the local bracket racing program.


Crew Shirts:Proper attire: R.O.D.S. requires that all team members who will be on the starting line wear matching team shirts. We would like for all teams who run in R.O.D.S. to look professional and greasy t-shirts are not the image we are looking for. 



All drivers must pre-enter at least 7 days before the event.  Pre-entered drivers will be charged a $250 entry fee that includes car, driver and 4 crew members. Pre-entered teams traveling from 300 miles or more will receive FREE entry for car, driver and 4 crew members. (mileage will be measured using mapquest from city to city). 


Teams that do not pre-enter will be charged $300 for car, driver and 4 crew  members. This includes teams who have had to travel from out of state. 


All teams will pay their entry fees at the gates


Entry Fees

Entry Fees


Your car must run 5.60 or quicker to qualify in this class 


$2000 winner

$1000 runner-up

$ 700 Semi-Final

$ 400 Quarter-Final


$6000 Total


If the race is cut short due to weather or unforseen reasons, qualified racers shall receive a payout for the round in which they are set to compete in.  For example if it rains after the first round is complete, the winners from the 1st round would get paid semi money.  The field will be set when at least 2 qualifying sessions have been completed.


If an alternate takes place of another car, the qualified car will receive 1st round money and the alternate will receive any additional money that he earns over and above 1st round. 


Entry Fees


8 car qualified Field


1/8th Racing


Elimination format - Random Pairings all rounds.  Higher qualified car gets lane choice in 1st round.


The quicker car from the previous round of the two paired cars will have lane choice all other rounds.


We are expecting to have 3 qualifying attempts (except may be a one day show, when only 2 may be run).  The field will be considered set if 2 qualifiers have been completed and the show must be shorted due to weather or unforseen reasons.   The race director has discretion to allow cars to race that did not meet the minimum qualifying times, if he feels it will make the show better.  All cars must run a 5.60 or quicker to qualify. 


Alternates will be substituted for any car that can not make the 1st round.  The first alternate will take the place of the lowest qualified car.  In a case of multiple replacements the the second alternated will take the place of the next highest qualified car.  The qualifying order will not be redrawn in the event of a missing car.


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