Memorial Day Mayhem


After 3 rounds of qualiying

1. Louie Katsaros  4.5220 @154 mph

2. Gordy King 4.5998 @ 155 mph

3.  Robert Costa 4.7333 @108 mph

4. Mike Labbate 4.8575 @ 127 mph

5. Mike Garcia 4.9198 @ 143 mph

6. Keith Mauldin 5.0075 @ 138 mph

7.  Robert Malone 5.0953 @ 142 mph

8. Raphael Dela Rosa 5.2617 @ 125 mph

9.  Arthur Cordova NT

Round 1

Dela Rosa 5.2397 @ 137 def Louie Katsaros 9.8959 @ 53 mph

Louie has problems on the line.  Spins the tires really hard and then the car shuts off.  Dela Rosa has a really bad light but is able to go down the track and gets the win over the #1 qualifier.

Costa 4.4119 @ 139 mph def Keith Mauldin 4.9876 @ 133 mph

Costa has some trouble down track but holds on for the win.  Mauldin runs a career best but it is not enough.

Labbate 4.5034 @ 166.98 def Mike Garcia 6.3411 @ 123 mph

Labbate with low ET of the event so far and big mile per hour.  He gets off the line first and never looks back.  Garcia is late on the tree and has trouble.  Labbate move on.

King 4.650 @165 mph def Malone 4.9646 @ 144 mph

Malone runs his best ET of the race but it is not enough to hold off the procharger entry from Alamogordo.  King runs another 4.6.  Very constant this weekend

Round 2

Costa 4.2962 @ 160 mph def King 5.0500 @ 127 mph

King with a fantastic light has a huge holeshot but then over powers the track.  Costa has trouble further down track and peddles a couple of times for the win.  On to his 2nd final of the season.

Labbate 4.3270 @ 159 mph def Dela Rosa 6.1178 @ 88 mph

Labbate is already past 60' by the time Dela Rosa leaves the starting line.  Something is wrong there.  Labbate with his quickest pass of the event so far will face Costa in the finals.  Both are 2 time RODS champions.  You will get the victory tonight?

Final Round

Postponed until July 2nd due to high winds

The finals were run during the 2nd qualifying pass on 7/2/21

Mike Labbate 4.9404 @ 110 mph def Robert Costa NO TIME

Costa broke the rear end in the 1st qualifying run.  Unable to get it repaired, Labbate take the single and is the winner.